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Andalucía Business Meetings was born from our certainty that there is a lasting relationship of trust between the actors of Andalusia and French of business tourism.

Andalusia was the leader in tourism growth in Spain in 2019, particularly from the French market.

For this 2nd edition, we have chosen to carry out a itinerant event in which the group of Hosted Buyers will be able to meet MICE providers from all over Andalusia through 2 workshops in Malaga & Marbella which include :

Pre-schedule meetings

Prioritize the actors you absolutely want to meet before the event

Inversed workshop

In a dedicated space, we reverse the roles, meet the people who are not included in your planning

Lunch & Dinner

Relaxed moments to strengthen ties

Our event model is designed so that you can meet the vast majority of the audience in a priviledge way



You will receive a call from our exhibitors team!

Andalucía Business Meetings is an event of Meet and Com Group

Andalucía Business Meetings brings together actors from MICE of Andalusia and a selection of French event organizers to ensure the development and promotion of business tourism of Andalusia.

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